Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Become a promoter with telexfree and earn your weekly commission, no sales no inventory...Click here

 Simple copy and paste system that will change your mind about marketing. no more 3 hours per day, now reduced to 10- 30 mn a day depends on how many ADcentrals you have.

1- Log into telexfree home page and click on registration.
2- choose your business plan ( 1 adcentral for $375)(for you to qualified for bonus you have to purchase the $49.99 valued software that allow you to call any land line or cell phone worldwide) the best part is $44 dollars will be credited right back to your account for purchasing the product and you can make a $44 dollars every time someone sign up for our 99 telexfree package. All you have to post 1 ad per day = $20 weekly.
3- You can jump start and buy a  family package for $1425 and post 5 ads per day / $100 weekly, and let's not forget that( You can buy as many adcentral packages as you want).
4- Registry on publishing websites, here are couple options: http://www.telexads.com/advertises/adunic/ or http://www.adfree.biz/.
5- Start to post your ads on your very first day, simply enter your user name on your publishing site to generate your links, copy the link and go to your home page click on advertising then click on validate your ad post and save.6- Click on my adcentral and make sure your ads are correct and validated, once validated you're all set for the day. Repeat the same process daily making sure you don't forget. ( forgetting to post your ads result in fail to receive your commission for the week and you don't want that so let's get started. Make a 5 mn daily commitment and start to earn with telexfree on your very first week.

 Let me give you an idea of how this works; let’s say you buy one Ad Central Pack for $275. You would then post your one ad daily, and get paid $20 weekly… After 52 weeks = $1,040: Net gain: $1040 – $299 = $ 741 this a good little amount of money for just posting one ad daily, not to mention, you can buy as many Ad Centrals as you want. Now let’s say, you add two people under you, one on your left and one on your right and then they buy Ad Centrals as well…that means you would get $40 for recruiting them and an additional $20 for the binary cycle….ok, here we go, now if the person on your right gets one on his right and the person on your left gets one on his left then you get another $20 and it keeps going on and on and on…..plus you get 2% for how much your network gets paid weekly for posting their ad’s. That’s just for the Ad Central scenario. You can also make as many accounts as you want under yourself!

Now, for the family packs you pay $1.425( w/ software)... getting paid $100 a week for posting 5 ad’s daily, after 52 weeks = $5,200: Net earnings: $5200 – $1425 = $3,825 and, like I said you can buy multiple packs. Alright, now, let say two people sign up under you and they feel pumped about this opportunity, so they go out and buy family packs as well…that means you would get $200 for recruiting them and $80 for the binary cycle…I think you see where this is going….and then if someone signs up under your left persons left and then someone signs up under your right persons right that’s another $80 and it just keep going….I mean, to be honest you only need two people that can recruit and your binary cycle earnings are going to take off like wildfire! Don’t forget, you get 2% of everyone weekly commissions.

 Telexfree has the best payment plan you can find anywhere online and if you are someone that really like to earn big commissions, I would like to tell you that the system works and you can start to make from $2000 to $5000 per month. All you have to do is buy (5 family package = $6.875 = $2000 per month = $24.000 total  per year.) 12 family packages you pay $17.100 = $4.800 per month =$57.600/ year plus 2% of your net sales of $57.600 = $1.152  + your bonus for adcentral packages added = $1.100 + your binary bonus =$560.00, that will pump your earnings from $57600 to  $59812 / year and you can help others do the same and increase your earnings 100% earning 6 level down. Are you still thinking this type of investment/business from home isn't for you? well don't think for to long, this products is new and is growing without borders and in the next year you will hear the same thing from your neighbor and guess what? you could be the one bringing the news to your neighbors and friends. Also, you will have a chance to become a direct investor with Best Western Hotel chain in October 2013, over 500 new hotels being built in Brazil! Each share pays $40,000 for 11 years!

 Whatch the video presentation HERE!

 Become a promoter HERE!

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